Race Update

BDR New Orleans 2021 is going Virtual

Greetings Best Damn Runners!

The 2021 version of the Best Damn Race New Orleans will unfortunately be VIRTUAL only. The City of New Orleans will not be permitting events for an undetermined amount of time. This is heartbreaking as this will now be two years in a row. The 2022 Live event will take place on March 20, 2022.



Get a medal, shirt, sticker, bib, bag mailed to you and log your time on our website! Half Marathoners will get a bonus item (TBD)!


Click Here and type in your current mailing address. We will send out your virtual package in March!

You DO NOT need to respond to this email. You will be able to log your virtual 5K or 10K time between the March 22nd through March 28, 2021. Your goodie bag will be shipped out March 1st – March 15th to arrive to you by race week.


We can move your entry (at no charge) to April 3, 2022.


Please email us at info@bestdamnrace.com with “please defer my New Orleans entry to 2022.” in the subject.

Please note that if you have multiple registrations for your family, to include all names you want deferred.

ex. Defer myself Karen Smith + My partner John Smith.  If John is under a different email, please add that email.


Receive a full refund of your race fee (but not your RunSignup processing fee)


For example.

  • If you paid $20 for your 5K + $2.50 for your processing fee, you will get $20 refund (Not $22.50)
  • If you paid $60 for your Half Marathon + $4.35for your processing fee, you will get $60 back (not $64.35).

To request a refund:

Email us at info@bestdamnrace.com  with “please refund my New Orleans race.” in the subject.

Please note that you will be refunded your race fee, but not your RunSignup processing fee. Again, if you have multiple registrations for your family, please include the names of all the people that you want refunded. If you were a 2020 deferral, then a refund is not an option because the system won’t allow us to process a refund for entries over a year old. This stinks. We know. So the best we can do is virtual or defer. Refunds will take up to 10 business days pending the speed of your financial institution.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you at a BDR race soon!

– The BDR Team

If you still require assistance, please message us here.